Join the waitlist to get our GALA GUIDE where we share all the best tips on crafting the perfect wedding, refining your timeline, selecting vendors that suit you and creating a beautiful seamless event on plan and on budget with as much design, styling and coordination as you need. Learn 5 secrets to success so your wedding day  or special event is elegant, your vibe, surrounded by your favorite people and totally fun for you as well!

Floor plans & Seating
Pre & Post Event Preparations
Hosting, Gifts & Procurement 
Etiquette & Guest List Management 

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If there's one element that ensures a day that's flawless and filled with love and laughter, it's a solid timeline. A tool that is both vital and flexible so that our team and all the vendors we coordinate will serve you and allow love to be the anchor. At our consultation, we will advise and begin the design for your day's timeline, incorporating all your priorities, transitioning from one phase to the next effortlessly, reviewing what might have been overlooked, buffering and planning for a perfectly paced event.



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Is your idea of a perfect day? 
A. Just us two on a small island.
B. A big gala with all of our family & friends and more
C. A private intimate gathering with our nearest & dearest.
D. Something in the middle,...Help I needed to start yesterday!